Ismene at is part of The Ismene Project which is a production of the same play happening in 10 different cities worldwide. The driving goal of The Ismene Project as a group is to raise both awareness and funds to support the heroines who are currently fighting breast cancer. All proceeds from the event will go to local breast cancer support organisations all over the world. The Ismene Project in Chicago will be supporting Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization which is an organization that is committed to the belief that no one should face breast cancer alone. They provide peer support through the core program, YourShoes, to breast cancer patients and their families, 24 hours a day, seven days a week in 150 languages.

Ismene features Anna Menekseoglu, Mishelle Apalategui, Rachel Martindale, Annelise Lawson, Alicia Reese, Chad Sheveland, Natalie Breitmeyer and Jeremy Menekseoglu

The sole surviving sister, Ismene, is sent away to live forever at a school for forgotten girls - other suffers of Greek Tragedy (including Iphigenia and Procne). On her way to this school/prison, everyday people are changed into Chorus (brainless creatures who ask only questions and gather only when tragedy is near). But this Chorus is unlike any that Ismene has ever witnessed: it numbers in the tens of thousands, and it clamors for her tragedy. Soon, she and her classmates are barricaded within the school. Yet - despite the suffering that has befallen her family - Ismene still fervently believes in the unaccepted idea that fate does not control our lives; no matter what new horrors the Gods throw at her (and they will be throwing her the very worst of them), she is prepared to fight for her beliefs.