Dream Theater Company History

Founded in the spring of 1998 by four Americans studying at the Moscow Art Theatre. Encouraged by their teachers to bring the Russian acting techniques they had learned to the United States, the four founders set out to develop a psychological theatre that would reach its audience members in a new way, eliminating the barriers between patron and player. Using the universal experience of dreams as a model, Artistic Director and founder Jeremy Menekseoglu (along with a small company of actors) set out to create a style of theatre that was as vivid and vital as a surreal dream.

Now a permanent fixture in the Chicago Theatre Community, Dream Theatre Company has been recognized as an innovator of new theatrical work. Their Pilsen store-front theatre has become an epicenter of bold stagings of all original plays.
Dream Theatre Company focuses as an ensemble on the creation of the world, which means that each member works on multiple aspects of each production spending countless hours creating. Without this devotion, the true dream world could not exist.


Dream Theatre is dedicated to:
Produce all original work
Shatter the barrier between actor and audience
Focus on the development of the actor as an artist
Leave no member of the audience to feel as a mere spectator, but to be at the very center of the play
Deliver the highest art possible in its most raw, unflinching and entertaining form


Jeremy Menekseoglu, President
Anna Weiler Menekseoglu, Secretary/Treasurer
Glenn Rippie, Director
John J. Enright, Director
Rachel Martindale, Director
Giau Truong, Director